Terre di Valgrande | Wines

"Wine prepares hearts and makes them ready for passion"


Making wine is more than a profession, it is an art, and like art, it requires essential elements: a culture and a tradition that express where we come from and that, at the same time, suggest where we want to go; and then a land, our roots, from which to draw inspiration.
Terre di Valgrande is all this: a clever combination of a story carried on by its hundreds of growers, and a territory, the Valpolicella and Valpantena, rich in history and towards tomorrow.


The product of the vineyards born and raised in our land, the splendid Valpolicella and Valpantena, at the foot of the Lessini mountains.


The best creations of Italian wine, carefully selected and bottled by Terre di Valgrande, a guarantee of quality.


The white wine of the Veneto region by definition, grown and vinified according to tradition to obtain a product of excellence.